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The spectacular glass cylinder with its impressive architecture is reminiscent of Frankfurt’s historic towers which once marked the entrance to the city. It immediately catches the eye when crossing the river Main. The glass tower, boasting a height of 109 metres, is the first landmark noticed by many motorists and high-speed rail travellers when approaching the prospering metropolis. At the same time, Westhafen Tower is situated in one of the most outstanding riverside locations in Frankfurt: the new inner city district Westhafen.

Its distinctive form has made Westhafen Tower one of the most well-known buildings in the city. It is considered an architectural masterpiece. More than 3,500 triangular facade elements shape the building’s shimmering green shell. Behind the circular facade, square shaped floors allow easy and efficient partitioning of space – circle and square complement each other in a creative way. The four-storey winter gardens created in the air spaces are not only extraordinary design elements but, at the same time, reduce the tower’s energy consumption. Natural ventilation of the office space is possible through the triangular windows. The open windows also give the faceted outer shell an attractive look.

Westhafen Tower was honoured with an award for its unique design by the Bund Deutscher Architekten (Association of German Architects). Further information can be downloaded here:
Download as PDF [Martin-Elsaesser-Plakette.pdf]